Current Course

Physics 2803 – Introduction to Astrophysics

  • This introductory, calculus-based, course provides a sweeping overview of modern astrophysics. Among other topics, the course covers the details of how stars shine, the properties of planets around other stars, black holes and other dense stellar remnants, and the physics of the expanding Universe.  This course will prepare students for future study and research experiences in astrophysics.

Previous Courses

Physics 8002 – Seminar

  • This course introduces new graduate students to the research performed by School of Physics faculty through a series of research seminars. In addition, 9 hours of lecture will fulfill the institute-mandated Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) requirements by exploring topics related to ethical and professional issues such as conflicts of interest, the peer review process, research misconduct, lab safety, the responsibilities of mentors and trainees, and more.

Physics 7129 – High-Energy Astrophysics

  • Introduction to high-energy astrophysical processes and environments, including astrophysical fluid dynamics (e.g., shocks and blast waves), accretion onto compact objects, and clusters of galaxies.

Physics 4347 – Fundamentals of Astrophysics

  • Theoretical investigation of astrophysical objects and processes, with an emphasis on the interstellar medium, extragalactic astrophysics, gas dynamics, radiative transfer, and radiation processes.

Physics 4247 – Cosmology and Extragalactic Astrophysics

  • Modern cosmology of the universe, with the emphasis on the origin and evolution of galaxies and clusters of galaxies, inflation, the cosmic microwave background, dark matter and dark energy.

Physics 3201 – Classical Mechanics I

  • Dynamics of particles including oscillations and planetary motion, rotation of rigid bodies, and collisions.

Physics 3123 – Electrodynamics

  • Second of two courses on the physics of electromagnetism. Topics include time-dependent phenomena including Faraday’s Law, the Maxwell equations, electromagnetic radiation, and electromagnetic waves.

Physics 2212 – Intro. Physics II

  • A calculus-based course with laboratory covering electromagnetism, applications of electromagnetism, light, and modern physics.